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LEAP's Brown-Bag Seminars - Fostering Intellectual Discussions Among Graduate Students



The School of Graduate Studies (GS)’s Learning Enhancement Activity Plan (LEAP) team has taken steps toward promoting academic research skills and professionalism among students and fostering a welcoming environment for academic exchange. The Brown-Bag Seminar is a new addition to the academic activities of LEAP, which provides postgraduate students and young scholars an opportunity to participate in academic discussions and debates on a specific theme or topic in their field of study during lunch hours.


The Brown-Bag Seminar has created an environment of theoretical debate, which improves the academic research skills of students. Miss. KE Guoguo and Mr. QIU Wanlin from Doctor of Policy Studies (DPS), respectively, presented their research topics related to transnational higher education and migrant children's education policy implementation on 21 November and 4 December 2023. This gave the audience an insight into their latest research findings.


The GS is committed to providing students with various platforms to share their research findings and ideas, which improves their academic skills and professionalism. This initiative contributes to the growth of the academic community and promotes a culture of intellectual learning.


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