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Learning Cantonese and Building Networks: Lingnan University's LEAP Program Fosters Positive Learning Environment for Non-Local Students

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The School of Graduate Studies (GS) at Lingnan University (LU) is committed to fostering a culture of service and care among its students. The Learning Enhancement Activity Plan (LEAP) is a critical part of this effort, with Cantonese language courses offered every semester. These courses are particularly valuable for non-local students, as they provide an opportunity to learn about Hong Kong's rich cultural heritage and acquire the language skills.


In this semester, two Cantonese language courses were organized for students: a"Survival Cantonese Class" and a"Daily Cantonese Conversation Class," which included 18 service hours for community service. Students were highly satisfied with the sessions and shared their learning experiences. Mr. ZHANG Haoxian remarked that"The Cantonese course not only enhanced my language proficiency but also provided me with the opportunity to interact with students from diverse professional backgrounds, which significantly broadened my social network.". In addition, Miss. LIN Yun also shared,"Thanks to the instructors, I was able to grasp basic Cantonese from scratch."


The LEAP program has been instrumental in creating a positive learning environment for students to build a strong social network and gain a deeper understanding of Hong Kong's culture. The LU team remains committed to providing more and better student activities that encourage learning for service and care.


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