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Lingnan University Kick Off Inaugural a two-week Study Trip for Graduate Students at South China Normal University

Lingnan University's School of Graduate Studies' Master of Arts in China and Regional Studies Programme has commenced an inaugural study trip for 20 students from the Greater Bay Area Studies Concentration at the Foshan Campus of South China Normal University (SCNU) on 11 March 2024. This pioneering initiative, taking place from March 11 to March 28, 2024, marks the first collaboration between the School of Graduate Studies and a prestigious 211 Project university within the Greater Bay Area (GBA), China.


This strategic partnership represents a significant milestone in educational collaboration, leveraging the strengths and resources of both institutions to enhance students' academic and cultural understanding of the GBA. The study trip is designed to offer students an immersive learning experience, combining academic rigor with practical insights into the region's economic, social, and cultural dynamics.

On 11 March 2024, SCNU hosted a welcome ceremony to warmly welcome the Lingnan   students, marking the start of this significant journey. The event was attended by senior management from SCNU, including Zhang Yihua, Secretary of the Party Branch of the International Business School of SCNU; Zhang Zhen, Deputy Dean of the International Business College; Shen Liling, Deputy Director of Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Affairs Office; WU Jianli, Dean of the School of International Business at SCNU, Zhuang Huijuan; Vice Dean of International Business College; YUN Qiaoyun, Vice Dean of International Business College. During the ceremony, Prof. Zhang warmly welcomed the students and presented a comprehensive overview of the development of postgraduate education. He highlighted that “the launch of a collaborative programme between MA in China and Regional Studies (Greater Bay Area Studies, GBAS) and SCNU has laid a solid foundation for SCNU further implement the national and Guangdong Province’s policies and guidelines on the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It has also enhanced the level of the internationalisation and the quality of talent cultivation in higher education. Through the development of this programme, in collaboration with Lingnan University, we hope to continue our advanced studies and explore deeper and more diversified modes of cooperation.”

In her speech, Prof. Wu emphasised the importance of international education. She expressed her hope to build solid foundations and bridges with Lingnan University, maintain a good cooperative relationship, and jointly commit to cultivating talents with a global perspectives.




Dr. Erica Lau, Associate Director of the School of Graduate Studies, Lingnan University expressed deep gratitude towards SCNU for their warm reception and shared optimism for the future of this partnership.




As these 20 students begin on their educational journey in the Greater Bay Area, the partnership between Lingnan University's School of Graduate Studies and South China Normal University (SCNU)’s International Business College stands for the incredible potential of international collaboration in higher education. This inaugural study trip not only opens new avenues for academic and cultural exchange but also sets a precedent for future endeavors aimed at fostering global understanding and cooperation. Lingnan University's School of Graduate Studies looks forward to the enriching experiences these students will gain and the continued growth of this fruitful partnership, which promises to contribute significantly to the educational landscape of the Greater Bay Area and beyond.