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Lingnan University's CHER 2023 Concludes with Inspiring Insights and International Collaborations


The Conference for Higher Education Research (CHER) - Hong Kong 2023 was successfully held on November 17-18, 2023, at the Leung Oi Wan Art Gallery, Lingnan University, Hong Kong. This hybrid international conference brought together students, academicians, researchers, and practitioners to explore the theme"Education for Sustainability: Navigating the Changing Landscape of Higher Education." The conference featured engaging discussions on various topics, including technology and STREAM education, inclusive and equitable higher education, sustainability competencies, innovative curricula and pedagogy, collaboration and internationalization, and effective governance and leadership. The conference provided a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences and discussing effective strategies to promote sustainable education in higher education.   


The conference was jointly organized by Lingnan University, the School of Graduate Studies, and the Institute of Policy Studies, along with several global partners, such as Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (APHERP), Graduate School of Education at Peking University, South China Normal University, National Chengchi University, Chinese Taipei Comparative Education Society, and the Center for Global Higher Education at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. These partners contributed their expertise and experiences to the conference and provided insights into the rapidly changing landscape of higher education worldwide. The conference was a great success and provided a valuable platform for participants to exchange ideas and explore innovative solutions to the challenges facing higher education in promoting sustainability.  


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Conference Highlight


Keynote Presentation


prof 1

Prof. Tristan MCCOWAN 

University College London 

United Kingdom 

Professor Tristan MCCOWAN from University College London reflected on the nature and future of higher education. He acknowledged the diverse functions and relationships within higher education and emphasized the importance of promoting sustainability in the field. Moreover, Professor McCowan stressed the need for a holistic approach to sustainability in higher education that encompasses multiple dimensions such as social, economic, and environmental aspects. He highlighted the role of educational institutions in shaping sustainable development and called for the integration of sustainability practices into all aspects of higher education. He also emphasized the need for higher education to be responsive to the changing needs of society and to foster critical thinking and innovation in promoting sustainability. Professor McCowan concluded his speech with the idea that"small is beautiful", indicating that no matter what the scale is, focusing on sustainability in higher education is crucial for achieving sustainable development. 

 prof 2

Dr. Kristóf FENYVESI 

University of Jyväskylä Finland 

During his keynote, Dr. Kristóf FENYVESI shared insightful information about the ongoing transformation of Finland's higher education system, which is aimed at promoting sustainability in response to the global imperative. He highlighted the organizational shifts that have taken place in Finland and how sustainability has been embedded into academic curricula, research agendas, and higher education programs. Dr. Fenyvesi emphasized that sustainability in higher education should be integrated into every level of the education system to achieve sustainable development goals.   Additionally, Dr. Fenyvesi emphasized the need for a collaborative approach in promoting sustainability in higher education. He encouraged universities to partner with relevant stakeholders such as government agencies, industry players, and civil society organizations to achieve sustainable development goals. He also emphasized the role of technology and innovation in driving sustainability in higher education, calling for the adoption of innovative technologies and practices that can enhance sustainability in the education sector.  

 Prof 3

Prof. Ruth HAYHOE 

University of Toronto 


Professor Ruth HAYHOE from the University of Toronto, shared insights on cross-cultural collaboration between China and the West in past centuries. Professor Hayhoe started with Xu Guangqi and Matteo Ricci's collaboration in the early 17th century and moved on to Ma Xiangbo in the early 20th century and visionary scholars such as Zhang Kaiyuan, Ma Min, and Xu Yihua in the early 21st century. The conference highlighted the importance of embracing different approaches and concepts to achieve a complementary balance, which is an essential aspect of sustainability for education. By understanding and incorporating diverse perspectives and educational traditions, we can promote equitable and sustainable education for all. Moreover, the need for continuous efforts to bring a complementary balance to dominant approaches and concepts associated with Western university traditions is a crucial aspect of sustainable education.  

 prof 4

Prof. Catherine MONTGOMERY 

Durham University 

United Kingdom 

Professor Catherine Montgomery of Durham University introduced her latest project, which employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to access, amalgamate, and explore novel avenues of globalized knowledge. She emphasized the rapid advancements of AI and its potential to extract information from digital archives, consolidate research, and generate summaries and outcomes. Professor Montgomery illustrated how AI can retrieve previously overlooked knowledge, using EThOS, the British national open access thesis platform that seeks to enhance the visibility and accessibility of UK doctoral research theses, within a brief span of time. Professor Montgomery's initiative showcases that AI not only facilitates physical mobility but also knowledge mobility by retrieving formerly marginalized knowledge from digital archives. While her project model will expand to other language of open access thesis library soon, this underscores the potential influence of AI in promoting internationalization in higher education and reducing obstacles to equitable access to knowledge beyond geographical boundaries. 


Roundtable discussion 


The Roundtable discussion on the same day was chaired by Professor Bruce Macfarland from Education University of Hong Kong and included several distinguished speakers, such as Professor Tristan McCowan from University College London, Professor Angel Hou from National Chengchi University, Professor Li Kam-cheong from Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Professor Paulin Wong from Lingnan University, and Ms. Antonia Yeung from The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. The discussion centered on promoting sustainability in higher education, using a love story as an analogy. Participants engaged in a fruitful dialogue about the challenges of raising awareness among students about the importance of achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how to inspire teaching staff to embrace sustainable practices in universities. The dialogue also included the sharing of best practices from both the East and West, with the hope of turning this love story into a reality.  



 17 November 2023 

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