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Lingnan co-organized Academic Annual Conference cum Meeting of Guangdong Rehabilitation Medicine Association 2023

Lingnan University (LU) was invited to co-organize and participate in the"Academic Annual Conference cum Meeting of Guangdong Rehabilitation Medicine Association 2023", which was organized by Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine from 27-29 October 2023. This conference was aimed at “high-end leading, pioneering and exploring, and integrated development” and carrying out academic exchanges and discussions on topics including health industry development, innovative application technology of rehabilitation medical technology, and intelligent system empowerment of rehabilitation medical means, building a high-end exchange and industry-university-research cooperation for the development requirements of “Healthy China”.


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The vice president, Professor MOK Ka Ho, shared in his opening remarks and stated that expansion and cooperation of gerontechnology for older adults are important initiatives for ageing society, and LU should join hands to foster exchanges with the partners in the Greater Bay Area through this conference. In addition, two master programme students also participated in the forum and presented their capstone projects at the conference. Below are the students' reflections on their participation.


Mr. LIU Fangyu, from Master of Health and Social Services Management Programme, who presented “Stoke Prevention and Treatment Management in China”, shared that: “I participated in a three-day Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Rehabilitation Medicine Forum, where I was exposed to cutting-edge rehabilitation therapies, and my honor to express my understanding of the recovery of stroke patients during the conference. I want to express my gratitude to LU for giving me the opportunity to exchange and interact with professionals in the field of rehabilitation.”


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Mr. LIN Anliang, from Master of Health Analytics and Management Programme, who presented “Exploring the sharing of medical resources between primary healthcare and hospital institutions based on patient satisfaction surveys” shared: “Thank you to the university for providing health-related studies students with this learning opportunity that is highly relevant to knowledge, social services, and medical technology. During the three-day event, as a graduate of Hong Kong's local Higher Educational institution, I learned about the latest developments in the field of rehabilitation medicine of the Greater Bay area in Guangdong Province, how rehabilitation medical technology helps patients in hospital services, and the development of the rehabilitation support management system in the health system. These experiences will assist me in my future engagement in medical-related industries and continue to serve society.”




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In addition to introducing Gerontechnology related projects and sharing academic work from the students, LU also introduced various community projects and promoted age-friendly cities for the global aging population in the exhibition area, as well as in response to the World Health Organization's Global Age-friendly Cities Project launched in 2005. The project promotes eight aspects of age-friendly cities, specifically how LU’s work contributed in the areas of social participation, respect , social inclusion, information exchange, and community and health services via cross-generational collaboration.