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The Transformation of East Asian Welfare States

in the Post Covid19 Era: Challenges, Opportunities and Futures

15th-16th March 2024 (Friday to Saturday)

9:00am – 6:00pm (GMT+08) | Hybrid




The conference on"The Transformation of East Asian Welfare States in the Post Covid-19 Era: Challenges, Opportunities, and Futures" is scheduled to take place from 15-16 March 2024 at National Taiwan University. This conference is co-hosted by the Global Asia Research Center, the Graduate Institute of National Development, and the Taiwan Social Resilience Research Center of National Taiwan University. It is co-organized by the Institute of Policy Studies of Lingnan University and the Centre for Public Policy Research of the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong.


Over the past decade, East Asian welfare states have encountered numerous formidable challenges in the post-COVID-19 era, stemming from the international political and economic environment as well as the impact of COVID-19. These challenges encompass low wages, non-standard employment, high housing prices, fiscal pressure from ageing populations, and population decline. However, changes in political economy and social demographics will give rise to various structural pressures and challenges for welfare states, compelling them to undergo reforms to align with contemporary social and economic structures. Therefore, the challenges confronting welfare states also represent opportunities.


Nevertheless, countries react in diverse ways due to their distinct histories, varying interpretations of the issues among policy actors, and differences in policy ideas, interests, and power relations. The questions thus arise: How will East Asian welfare states address these structural pressures and challenges? Will there be distinct response patterns among them? Will East Asian welfare states persist in maintaining the so-called developmental/productive welfare regime, or will they diverge, paving the way for diverse paths in welfare development?


This conference brings together experts from both Asia and Europe, aiming to illuminate the potential trajectories of East Asian welfare states. Through rigorous discussion and analysis, the conference seeks to uncover distinct response patterns and identify policy implications that can guide these states toward more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable welfare systems.



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Keynote Speaker


Professor Joshua MOK Ka-ho  

Vice-president and Director of Institute of Policy Studies 

Lingnan University 


Topic: Managing the Rise of Older Adults in Hong Kong: Towards a Community-based Integrated Care and Health Approach in Post-COVID-19 Crisis Era 


Biography and Abstract: Read more 



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Co-hosted By

  • Global Asia Research Center, National Taiwan University
  • Graduate Institute of National Development, National Taiwan University
  • Taiwan Social Resilience Research Center, National Taiwan University



Co-organised By

  • Institute of Policy Studies, Lingnan University
  • The Centre for Public Policy Research, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong




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