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Fighting COVID-19 @ Lingnan

Working from Home under COVID-19

 Prof. WONG Hiu Kan Ada, Associate Professor of Teaching, School of Graduate Studies

Ms Joyce Cheung, Research Fellow, School of Graduate Studies



Working from Home under COVID-19



This timely research project is part of the Campaign of Fighting COVID-19 @ Lingnan University (DiscoveryService and Education) to show we CARE for our society.


There has been an outpouring of media attention about working from home (WFH) amidst the spread of Covid-19. To work from home or not to work from home is the most-talked-about question at workplaces lately. With so many different views out there, we want to get the viewpoints of workers themselves - Does WFH help increase productivity? Does WFH make work-life balance better? Will WFH affect relationships? Is communication or loneliness a problem?


We plan to ask Hong Kong working people who do home office to get their thoughts on the matter. The research findings will be shared with the public after analysis.


Stay Healthy, Stay Safe.