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Exploration of Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Greater Bay Area

Exploration of Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Greater Bay Area



Lingnan University (LU)’s School of Graduate Studies (GS) and Office of Student Affairs (OSA) cooperated with Guangdong-Hong Kong-Marco Greater Bay Area Youth Society to organize an Employment and Entrepreneurship Tour in Greater Bay Area for LU students (for both postgraduate and undergraduate) from 24 to 25 March 2023. The tour provided valuable insights into understanding startup initiatives and other employment opportunities in Shenzhen.


During the tour, students had the opportunity to visit several key institutions in Shenzhen, including the Shenzhen North Station - Center for Hong Kong & Macau Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Baoan District Human Resources Service Center, and the Nanshan District Botton Technology Park. At each of these locations, students learned about the policies and incentives available to overseas students interested in entrepreneurship, as well as the support and resources available to help them get started. They also had the chance to hear from successful entrepreneurs who shared their insights, experiences, and advice on how to build a successful business.


In addition to these visits, the students had the opportunity to explore the city of Shenzhen and gain the first-hand understanding of the city's culture, history, and development. They visited the Baoan District Youth Palace and the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub, where they learned about the latest trends in live streaming and e-commerce, as well as the training courses available to aspiring entrepreneurs. Students also better understood the" Belt and Road" initiatives by visiting Qianhai Exhibition Hall.


The GS organized a series of LEAP activities to give all postgraduate students more remarkable development of graduate attributes with their advanced professional across their discipline. This tour was considered as an incredible opportunity for students interested in entrepreneurship and business to gain valuable insight into the startup in ‘Silicon Valley of China’ and benefit them succeed in their career exposures.



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