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Lawrence Cheng visits LU Jockey Club Gerontech-X Lab




Veteran media worker Lawrence Cheng Tan-shui recently visited LU Jockey Club Gerontech-X Lab, nestled in the campus of Lingnan University, to get first-hand experience and conduct a video shoot of gerontech products that help the elderly ageing in place.


Vice President of Lingnan University, Prof. Mok Ka Ho Joshua introduced a variety of gerontech products developed by Lingnan and that cater to the needs of the elderly in the aspects of healthcare, dining, living and transport to Cheng. Cheng was impressed by the gerontech products such as a salt meter for measuring salt content in food, a robotic glove to help stroke patients to perform rehabilitation training, and a multi-functional smart stick with the functions of support, hand warming, lighting, location tracking and an alarm system.


Cheng later personally tried some of the gerontech products in the X Lab, including a multi-functional intelligent robot, an electric wheelchair with remote control function, and a fall risk assessment system for measuring body balance, gait irregularity and lower limb strengths of the elderly. He also talked to a project intern and a technology specialist who shared their experiences and feelings about the application of gerontechnology, and learned about the details of Jockey Club Age-friendly City Project – Rural Neighbourhood Development Project (Yuen Long) organised by Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies, Lingnan University.


With the nomination for the “HKSAR Chief Executive’s Community Project List” and the funding from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, Lingnan University launched the three-year “LU Jockey Club Gerontechnology and Smart Ageing Project” (2019-2022). The project serves as an educational platform and builds a database in the areas of gerontech products and services, social innovation and startups, with a vision to offer policy recommendations to the industry and Government. One of the major initiatives of the project, LU Jockey Club Gerontech-X Lab showcases a range of gerontech products and provide hands-on experience of how gerontech products can enhance the elderly and carers’ quality of life. It also aims to promote gerontechnology and support the development of smart ageing socialpreneurship.