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LEAP for all Postgraduate Students - Meaningful services and engagements lead to positive community impact

The School of Graduate Studies (GS) offers the Learning Enhancement Activities Plan (LEAP) with a series of community engagement activities in February and March to promote students’ civic awareness with a better understanding of the societal issues in Hong Kong.



A Half-day Service at House of Joy & Mercy

In order to enhance students’ community engagement and familiarise them with Hong Kong’s local society, GS cooperated with House of Joy & Mercy (NGO) to organize a half-day volunteer service on 24 February. During the activity, students were responsible for cleaning the animal shelter and interacting with stray dogs. The students learned about the operation of the charity, situation of local stray animals, and also cultivating their empathy.




Dialogue in the Dark

GS worked with Dialogue in the Dark to prepare the “Adventure in the Dark” for students on 10 March. Students were invited to experience a range of challenges in the darkness and life of the visually impaired. Through the dialogues with visually-impaired people, students were inspired to increase consciousness for more openness towards others. In addition, the students were able to know the operation mode of social enterprises in Hong Kong.