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Lingnan University and Huawei Co-Nurture ICT Talents


As part of Lingnan University's Strategic Plan for 2022 to 2028, optimizing liberal arts education in the digital era is one of the core development areas. To achieve this strategic goal, Lingnan University has partnered with Huawei ICT Academy to promote ICT literacy not only to youth but also to the public through deep collaboration. On 16 March 2023, President Leonard K. Cheng led the senior management of Lingnan University on a visit to Huawei's headquarters in Hong Kong. During the visit, colleagues from Huawei introduced the latest technological advancements of Huawei through a virtual visit to its Head Office in Mainland China. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Signing Ceremony was organized to strengthen the collaboration between Lingnan University and Huawei in offering ICT education for young professionals through the Huawei ICT Academy. Lingnan University and Huawei have also agreed to work closely together to engage the wider society in enhancing the information and technology literacy of people of different age groups. Faculty members and students from Lingnan University will benefit from participating in training and research organized by Huawei in the future.