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Lingnan Vice-President Prof Joshua Mok Ka-ho discusses the impact of international education on graduate employability at the University College London

Prof Joshua Mok Ka-ho, Vice-President and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies of Lingnan University, presented at the Centre for Global Higher Education's (CGHE) Annual Conference 2024 at the Institute of Education, University College London, United Kingdom. The conference, which was titled"The Future of Higher Education", brought together scholars and researchers from around the world to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing higher education in the 21st century.


Prof Mok presented as part of Theme Panel 1, which focused on the effects of higher education for graduates. His presentation, titled"The Effect of International Education on Graduate Employability: Chinese students studying in the UK", explored the impact of overseas study on Chinese students' career prospects and personal development. He shared how Hong Kong, positioning as an international higher education centre in Asia, has attracted more students not only from Mainland China but also from other countries and regions. The research presented at the conference helps higher education institutions in Hong Kong to understand the desires and motivations of Chinese students when contemplating their choice of learning destinations. Prof Mok also shared with the audience that Lingnan University has received an increase in applications from non-local students for choosing Hong Kong as their preferred destination for further education.


Drawing on his extensive research on"UK international graduates in mass media and public perceptions: A comparative study of the UK, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan", Prof Mok highlighted that both employers and graduates agreed that studying in the UK significantly enhanced important attributes such as initiative, English language proficiency, and global perspective, and that these attributes contributed to employability. He noted that Asian students see overseas learning as having a positive impact on their future development, both in terms of their careers and personal growth. Additionally, he highlighted that overseas learning broadens graduates' horizons and international outlook, but local connections and networks still matter in job searches back home. Finally, he noted the impact of the post-COVID-19 era and geopolitical factors on international student mobility.


The CGHE Annual Conference 2024 was held on 15 February and opened with a keynote presentation and the 2024 Burton R. Clark Lecture by renowned Prof Simon Marginson, Director of CGHE, chaired by Prof Paul Ashton, Deputy Director of CGHE. The lecture was titled"The three dilemmas of higher education: Reflections on Clark, CGHE and higher education research". It provided a valuable platform for scholars and researchers to share their insights and perspectives on the future of higher education.


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