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Lingnan alumnus and honorary degree recipient Prof Zhong Nanshan praises the Spirit of Red and Grey


Prof Zhong Nanshan

Lingnan University has conferred a Doctor of Science honoris causa on Prof Zhong Nanshan, world-renowned respiratory disease specialist, for his contributions to wellbeing and health. Prof Zhong spoke of his studies at Lingnan affiliated primary and secondary schools in Guangzhou, and said that the spirit - to be courageous and determined - and Lingnan’s whole-person education approach have influenced him ever since.


He also said that he was a keen sportsman, and that he won the 1959 national competition breaking China’s 400 metres hurdle record with a 54.2-second finish. “That training has helped me maintain my health since then, and today, even when I am 85 years old, I still have the strength to contribute to the world. I thank Lingnan’s education for this.”


Lingnan held the Honorary Doctorate Conferment Ceremony on 9 December and conferred honorary doctoral degrees upon Mr Norman Chan Tak-lam, an outstanding financial leader, Ms Sylvia Chang Ai-chia, a highly respected film director, Prof Deane E. Neubauer, a distinguished political science scholar, and Prof Zhong.