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Brace up in Adversity

Sharing from IHEM students and colleagues



Short Description about the Video:

Sharing from IHEM Students: Looking Forward & Bracing Up in Adversity


The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 208 countries and territories around the world, and many people worldwide are suffering and affecting by the virus. As students from the International Higher Education and Management (IHEM) Programme from Lingnan University, we have produced a video to convey the positive message to the community and encourage people around us to brace up in adversity.


IHEM Contributors:


ZHAO Kaixin 趙凱欣 (Project leader and video producer), HUANG Jie 黃潔 (Project leader), ZHOU Xuan 周璇, WEI Wenxuan 魏文煊,  WU Chen 吳晨, YU Yi 俞鎰,  JIANG Jin 江晉 (IHEM Porgramme Director), XIONG Weiyan 熊衛雁 (IHEM Programme Associate Director), KE Guoguo 柯果果(IHEM Teaching Assistant), CHEN Qi 陳琪, HONG Tingzi 洪婷子, HUANG Xiaodan 黃曉丹, JIANG Zefang 蔣澤芳, LI Chunyi 李純禕, LI Yun 李芸, SHENG Mengling 盛孟玲, WANG Xiaoqi 王曉琪, YAO Xiaoman 姚曉曼, ZHANG Huiwen 張惠雯, ZHU Hui 朱輝, XIE Zihui 解子慧