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“It’s our version of Arabic”: Connecting the global and the local through design

postgraduate seminar series



Overview of the seminar

In this seminar, Prof Lindland will focus on the methodological aspects of her PhD research. She will share critical details in the planning and execution of the Project using one of her research articles titled “It’s our version of Arabic”: Connecting the global and the local through design, as a case study. More importantly, the seminar will provide students with lessons on how to go from the field to understanding and analysing data. This will be central for the selected case study, as the whole understanding of design as connecting the global and the local, is not only connected to some specific observation. It is often through the continuous re-interpretation of field observations, experiences, and surprises that help to understand something significant out of some seemingly insignificant event during field activities and the research process as a whole.




21 March 2019, Thursday


4:30 pm - 6:30pm


LBYG06, G/F B.Y. Lam Building, Lingnan University


Professor Kristiane Lindland

University of Stavanger, Norway 




Dr. Padmore AMOAH ([email protected])



Biography of Speaker

Kristiane Lindland is an Associate Professor at the Department of Media and Social Sciences in University of Stavanger, Norway, where she also obtained her PhD in Social Sciences. Prof Lindland has published extensively and in different forms including journal articles and books.