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NCCU-LU Symposium

Lingnan University (LU) and National Chengchi University (NCCU) jointly hosted a one-day academic symposium on October 27th, 2023, titled"New Norms and Innovation in Education" in Taiwan. Associate Professor Yu Baohua, on behalf of the School of Graduate Studies, led a team consisting of Professor Yusuf Oldac and Professor Huang Jing, and Professor Michelle Cheng Wing Tung to Taiwan to promote academic exchange.


The hybrid event was attended by more than 80 participants, including scholars, researchers, and students from both NCCU and LU, as well as other institutions in Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Recognizing the importance of the event, Vice-President of Lingnan University, Professor Mok Ka Ho, recorded a presentation for the symposium titled “Promoting Quality Student Learning in the Post-COVID19 Era: Can Technology-led Education and AI Offer a Better Learning Experience?”, despite having to attend another academic event. In other sessions, Professor Yu presented a study titled “Promoting Character Strengths through Digital Storytelling Intervention: Evidence from Hong Kong”. Professor Yusuf shared his insights in “‘West is a Must, the Rest is Optional’: Epistemic Injustice and Positional Good in International Research Collaboration”. Professor Huang shared on the “Developmental Trajectories of Teaching-Student Closeness and Reading Achievement: The Mediating Roles of Cognitive Flexibility and Intrinsic Reading Motivation”, and Professor Cheng presented the topic of “Aligning Residential Education with University Education for Holistic Student Development”.


Overall, the symposium was a highly successful event, providing a valuable platform for researchers to share their insights and perspectives on the complex and ever-evolving education landscape. The event demonstrated the importance of ongoing academic exchange and dialogue and highlighted the potential for further collaboration and cooperation between LU and NCCU.


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