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Department Board

Term of reference

1.  To be responsible for the delivery of the programme(s) and courses it offers, including course planning, teaching, assessment, evaluation, and achievement of the intended student learning outcomes.

2.  To be responsible for the quality of teaching and research work of the department.

3.  To formulate departmental policies within University guidelines.

4.  To consider staff matters of the department.

5.  To set up committees as it thinks necessary to discharge its duties.

6.  To exercise such additional responsibilities and powers as may be assigned to it by the President from time to time.



Chairman   :   Head of the Department

Members   :   All full-time members of the teaching staff of the Department at the rank of Assistant Lecturer or higher

                       Two elected student representatives

Secretary   :   To be slected from among its members

Observer   :   One research postgraduate student (if any) elected from among themselves

*Note: The Dean concerned should receive the agenda papers and minutes of the Department Boards.


IMCSP Programme Management Group

Terms of reference

        1.    To oversee the compliance of the programme with University standards and regulations;

2.    To initiate and plan for the management and longer term development of the programme;

3.    To deliberate over the use of funds arising from the programme, and

4.    To submit any substantive proposal arising from (1), (2) and (3) above to the Department Board for consideration and approval as appropriate.


Chairman:          Head of Department of Sociology and Social Policy         Prof. Chen Hon Fai

Members:          Director of IMCSP Programme (if not HoD)                       Prof. Stefan Kuehne

                           Three representatives appointed by Head of                      1. Prof. Mok Ka-ho

          SOCSP Department                                                               2. Prof. Annie Chan

                                                                                                           3. Prof. Echo Shang

Secretary:        A Staff member of the IMCSP Programme                            Ms. Tsang Chiuyu


Department's Undergraduate Studies Sub-Committee

Members   :   Prof. Annie Chan, Prof. Jenny Chiu and Prof. Ruby Lai


Department's Postgraduate Studies Sub-Committee

Members   : Prof. Chen Hon Fai,  Prof. Roman David and Prof. Stefan Kuehner 


Department's Student Engagement Sub-Committee

Members   : Prof. Au Yeung Tat Chor,   Prof. Chen Xi and Prof. Echo Shang


Department's Research Environment Sub-Committee

Members   :   Prof. Yau Yung, Prof. Gizem Arat and Prof. Francisco Olivio


BSocSc Programme and Curriculum Committee (PCC)

Members   :   Prof. Roman David and Prof. Ruby Lai


Staff-Student Consultation Committee (BSocSc)

Department Representative :  Prof. Gizem Arat


Staff-Student Consultation Committee (IMCSP)

Department Representatives   :   Prof. Echo Shang and Prof. Daisy Huang


Library Liaison  :   Prof. Francisco Olivio