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How to Approach Teaching Face to Face and Online at the Same Time?

Teaching concurrently face to face and online is referred to in literature as a HyFlex or Hybrid mode of Course design and delivery. In a HyFlex / Hybrid approach, courses are delivered both in person and online at the same time by the same staff member. Students can then choose for each and every class whether to show up for a class in person or to join it online. The underlying design ethos behind the HyFlex Model is flexibility and student choice.



  • How to maintain both a quality face to face learning experience as well as an online one is a rethink for staff BUT does draw on past f2f teaching experiences and more recently experiences with real-time online teaching
  • The main challenge is in an active learning environment (as opposed to stand and deliver) how to ensure student engagement and active learning
  • To do it well, the technology, the course design, the focus on pedagogy and the engagement of the students all need to line up


  • For students, a HyFlex Model holds the potential of maximizing the opportunity to participate in a face-to-face learning experience under conditions of social distancing
  • Class recordings might be complemented by asynchronous discussion boards and other collaborative tools in Moodle
  • Learner choice and alternative participation modes


  • Creating an instructional model that allows students to toggle back and forth between educationally comparable in-person and virtual formats depending on the circumstances
  • Creation of a fully online version and a fully face-to-face version and find ways to bring them together into a single course experience that has multiple participation paths
  • Potential of additional work depending on context and teachers’ experience

The following are the PPT and follow up resource sent to all staff post the professional development session on “How to Approach Teaching Face to Face and Online at the Same Time?


PDF HyFlex Mode Considerations