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Transparent Mask

Transparent Mask

The 12° Mask is a transparent mask designed to safeguard the health and to offer a panoramic view of the wearer's facial expressions and other visual cues.

The Issue

Everyone has to wear a mask to curb the spread of COVID-19. However, this presents an obstacle to hearing-impaired persons as wearing face masks prevents lip-reading and hamper their ability to communicate and receive information during the coronavirus pandemic. Other than that, service providers, such as doctors, counselors, polices, and social workers, rely on verbal and facial expressions to ensure their messages are delivered as accurately as possible. 

However, most transparent face masks available fail to meet protection standards, and that semi-transparent face masks with anti-pathogen properties reflect and fog up. Also, the transparent surface area is not large enough to reduce the communication challenges of the users.

In view of these pain points, Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) develops a fully transparent face mask, namely 12° Mask. The development of the 12° Mask exemplifies the humanitarian technology approach since the design principle prioritizes the needs of neglected communities (such as the deaf and special education need students) and their service providers.

LU Mask

Product Features

  • Ultra-Low Reflection: Inspired by the geometry of stealth fighter jets, the face shield of the 12° Mask combines flat polygonal panes and low protrusion surfaces to minimize reflection.
  • Reliable Protection & Breathability: Disposable low-cost H13 HEPA Filter blocks 99.95% of viruses while achieving high breathability.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: Unobstructed side panes allow a panoramic view of the wearer's face and lip movement.
  • Quick Release Anchors: It allows ear-hook and headbands wearing, which can significantly reduce the burden on people who wear hearing aids for prolonged periods. It also addresses the specific needs of microtia patients and those who need to wear a headscarf.
  • Renewable Antiviral Coating: Durable and wipeable with alcohol and water.
  • Laugh Out Loud: Flexible silicon seal provides a comfortable and accommodates enthusiastic facial expressions.


Transparent Mask
The team designs a reusable fully transparent anti-COVID-19 face mask that addresses the deficiency of existing transparent masks in the market. 
Transparent Mask
The team collaborates with The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf to design a transparent face mask based on the needs of hearing-impaired people.


  • Gold award in MUSE Design Award 2021 (Category: Conceptual Design)
  • Silver award in the 48th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions

Looking Forward

The mark was donated to people in need with the support of different donations. It was manufactured and commercialized in 2022 and 2023. 

However, the team is now seeking financial support for the mass production of the transparent face mask so it can be made widely available to the public and help people with hearing loss to read lips, show their smiles, and communicate effectively. The next target is to further develop and extend the transparent face mask to other professionals such as teachers, sign language interpreters, speech therapists, and related service workers, providing them a more environmentally friendly and inclusive option.

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