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Enquiries and Complaints

Enquiries and Complaints
Enquiries and Complaints

The University is committed to providing support to any person who has a concern, problem or complaint in relation to sexual harassment.  You can contact someone you trust, e.g. Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs), Heads of Departments/Programme Directors, Director of Administration, Wardens, or counselors for advice on the mechanism and options for dealing with allegations or complaints of sexual harassment and other support.

For assistance, including counselling:

  • If you are a staff member, you can get support from the Human Resources Office (Tel: 2616-8962; Email: [email protected]) and counselling through the University’s Employee Assistance Programme providing 24-hour service (Hotline: 2755 9227).
  • If you are a student, you may go to the Office of Student Affairs for help with counselling (Phone: 2616 7024; Email: [email protected]).

*All the information provided will be kept in strict confidence.

You are encouraged to come forward with complaints as soon as possible after the alleged incidents as a lapse in time may, in certain circumstances, present difficulties for the University in conducting a thorough investigation and establishing the facts of the case.

Conciliation and complaint investigation processes are available to staff and students through the Sexual Harassment Investigation Panel (SHIP).  All information will be kept in strict confidence.  Please write to the President direct, or through the Office of the President, or through the online reporting/complaint channel [].