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Humanitarian Technology Projects


Transparent Mask

12° Transparent Mask | Barrier-free Communication

Reflecting on the needs of hearing-impaired people, this reusable anti-COVID-19 face mask has a fully transparent and anti-reflective design that makes lip-reading easier.


UV-C disinfection robot

Autonomous UV-C Disinfection Robot | Public Health

The robot provides effective and efficient sanitization for large indoor establishments via 360-degree coverage of ultraviolet rays, which helps to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and safeguard public health.

Furniture coffin

Furniture-Coffin | Sustainability & End-of-Life Planning

A set of specially designed furniture that can be conveniently reassembled into coffins, which makes the funeral process more ecologically sustainable and cost-effective, as well as adding a personal and heartfelt touch to honour the deceased.

CREW wheelchair

CREW Wheelchair |  Age-friendly Smart City

This intelligent assisted electric wheelchair saves caregivers' laborious effort to push a wheelchair with its pressure-sensitive handles to sense the caregiver's pushing and dragging force and direct the wheelchair.


Project Ultra Violite

Project Ultra Violite | Public Health

The team developed mature and reliable ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technology and provide free disinfection services for households with relatively crowded living environments during the pandemic. 

Air Purifier

Air Purifier for SDUs | Better Quality of Life

Leveraging on the mature air purification technology, a team of students designed a low-cost version of air purifier to fit the tiny living environment of subdivided flats (SDUs).