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端傳媒主力以中、港、台的原創調查報導、深度特稿、數據新聞作為主打內容,同時提供要聞精選、思想評論、文化與生活方式等綜合類內容。目前分為「風物」、「科技」、「廣場」、「圓桌」 等頻道,致力為全球華人提供優質、中立的新聞報導。




SCRIBO is the AI powered English writing platform connecting educators and students in live feedback loops. Students are allowed to write with personalized feedback on demand while educators could give important feedbacks to students effectively and efficiently.

Gale Primary Sources


Gale Primary Sources

A new integrated platform for cross-searching Library subscribed Gale primary sources products. Patrons could explore history through digitized, text-searchable primary sources to discover new connections using Topic Finder and Term Frequency.

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Global Public Health


Global Public Health

Global Public Health publishes research into public health, health access and global health policies, development, inequalities and management. It is available from 2006.