CIO & University Librarian's Message

Library Tours 1

I am delighted to start the new academic term with the full opening of the Library's 1/F, Mezzanine floor (M/F), and 2/F after the completion of the large-scale renovation and spatial re-organization project 2020 that spanning across 20 months from December 2020 to July 2022 under different waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. This marks an important milestone for the Library. Different forms of facilities and services are realized in the new space.

Now, the Library is able to offer overnight access via the Late Reading Room and the adjacent Computer Room; more individual and group study areas in the form of study carrels, study rooms, sound pods, study bench and self-configurable study tables; Co-learning zones and a Postgraduate Lounge to equip postgraduates and other users with a cosy, individualized yet collaborative learning areas for their intensive study and research; technology zones comprising the LU Barn, Incubation Zone, and Design Thinking Zone are furnished with different equipment, tools and furniture to support all sorts of ideation, discussion and experiments; an internal lift running from 1/F to 4/F for barrier-free access to different areas of the Library; advanced computing and AV facilities to support different forms of learning and presentations; a single Service Counter as our one-stop service point for all sorts of circulation of library materials and answering your enquiries; a new cafe area still under planning to offer an informal learning and gathering area to add to the diversity of learning spaces of the Library, and a nicely-decorated book wall surrounding the Lobby and the Late Reading Rooms and extending to M/F and 2/F housing different collections to provide a solemn and deep cultural ambience to the Library. I am very pleased to see the record high number of visits on the first day of the academic term and many students joined our orientations and tours.


Library Tour 2

The whole project ran an unexpectedly long journey. There were tremendous challenges and difficulties. Nonetheless, thankful for the concerted and devoted efforts of all library staff that prove once again that with mission and unity, all can be accomplished. I would like to extend my greatest heartfelt gratitude to all library colleagues, in particular the Library Space Planning Team, who spent days and nights working out all the details.


We treasure your comments and feedback. Whenever you pass by, you are welcome to leave your opinion to us. I am looking forward to meeting you in the Library!