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Vincent Woo Distinguished Visiting Scholars Programme

The Programme is intended to invite an internationally renowned scholar, either from Asia or from Europe or America, to stay at the University for a week each year.  During the week, the scholar gives a public lecture, holds seminars with staff and students on campus, and gives advice to various academic department.  Lingnan University acknowledges with thanks the generous endowment given by Dr Vincent Woo Wing-fai to establish the Vincent Woo Distinguished Visiting Scholar Programme in 1999.


Programme Objectives & Terms


Vincent Woo Distinguished Visiting Scholars (1999-2023)

Professor CHENG Si Wei
Professor CHOW Gregory C
Professor COLLINS Randall
Professor CUMINGS Bruce
Professor IKENBERRY G John
Professor KALYVAS Stathis N
Professor KWOK Daniel W Y
Professor MORRIS Meaghan
Professor PAI Hsien Yung
Professor PURI Manju
Professor SAITO Yuriko
Professor SCOTT David
Professor WALKER Alan
Professor YEH Chia Ying
Professor ZHANG Zhilian