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Concentration in Counselling Psychology

The University has recently approved a new Concentration in Counselling Psychology for choice of BSocSc Psychology Discipline Major students from the 2017-18 intake (i.e. those admitted to Year 1 of the BSocSc Programme in 2017-18).


  • 2-year full-time top-up undergraduate programme for senior year students
  • A growing mental-health service specialty within the field of applied psychology, concerned with the psycho-social, vocational and developmental aspects of people’s lives
  • Aim to enhance the quality of life and effectiveness of people’s functioning through handling mental health issues and facilitating human development and adjustment, both at individual and organisational levels
  • Prepare graduates for future postgraduate training in counselling-related professions and for entry-level positions in human service agencies (e.g. social work, school psychology, healthcare, human resources) where counselling skills are necessary
  • Include counselling-related courses offered by the Department of Psychology: Human Development and Psychology of Adulthood; Abnormal Psychology; Psychological Testing and Assessment; Stress and Coping: Theory and Practices; and Counselling Psychology


Eligible students who have completed five-counselling-related courses offered by the Department of Psychology as listed below will be qualified for declaring the Concentration in Counselling Psychology:


PSY3001 Stress and Coping: Theory and Practices

PSY3201 Human Development and Psychology of Adulthood

PSY3206 Abnormal Psychology

PSY4003 Psychological Testing and Assessment

PSY4310 Counselling Psychology


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