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Warm keeping Tips

Ginger Tea and Warm Pad


Michael Chung, RCMP


      The temperature is falling this week. As in the concepts of TCM, keeping the body warm is essential for energetic work and prevention of flu-like symptoms, such as  headache, running nose, muscle stiffness, cold hands and feet and abdominal discomfort. Here we share two simple tips for health keeping in winter times.

     Ginger Tea is a simple herbal remedies, which could be readily available from the market.  In TCM various prepartion of ginger root is a commonly used in herbal treatments: fresh ginger is preferred to treat superficial symptoms such as running nose, while roasted ginger would be more preferable for inner symptoms like abdominal discomfort. The prepration is easy. Simply get a few slices (5 gram) of ginger and boil with brown sugar. 

     Warm pad is also helpful in relieving cold symptoms in a easy way. In is beliveved that certain parts of body are more sensitive to cold evils, and certain heating modalities such as moxibustion and marm pads could relieve these symptoms and strengthening the body by invigorating the qi. Several body parts include the forehead, upper back and lower abdomen. A warm pad could be prepared by putting Chinese Red Bean (150g) in a cotton bag  - or simply, a sock.  Tie or sew the bag and warm it with a microwave oven (500W, 50 seconds).  Hold the warm pad and place on body area suggested. (Note: Do not use any plastic tapes and metal e.g. staples in microwave). 

        Detailed steps: How to make a Handy Warm Pad

     Yet, those with general weakness or suffering persistant symptoms may need individualized advices and remedies. Consult a TCM Practitioner if needed. 

     Wish you have a Warm and Happy New Year!





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