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Notes to Service User

In accordance with the COVID-19 infection control measures and due to the limited capacity of our clinic, those visitors who have (1) presented fever or upper respiratory infection symptoms; or (2) had close contact with confirmed cases may be referred to the Emergency department of the public hospitals. Thank you for your understanding. Please get your own mask and have a temperature check before visiting.

Please proceed to the booking page to submit an appointment form. Our staff will get back to you shortly. You may also phone us (2616 7828) or come in person to our clinic for making an appointment.

Acupuncture services include needling and a variety of non-pharmacological treatment procedures such as cupping, scrapping or auricular patches. Visitors are suggested to wear loose clothes for the treatment. Those who have never received acupuncture treatment are advised to refer to the details here.  

Our clinic prescribes concentrated herbal granules that require no further decoction and ready to serve with hot water in minutes. Please refer to the details here.  

Our clinic offers Tianjiu Therapy, a kind of treatment that applies Chinese Medicinal herbal paste on designated acupoints and cause mild skin irritation, for the purpose of modulating the body immunity and improve certain chronic cold-deficiency type conditions. Please refer to the details here.  

When Typhoon Warning Signal No. 1 or 3 or the Amber/Red Rainstorm Warning is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, our clinic will remain limited service as scheduled. 

As soon as the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or Black Rainstorm Warning is issued or when the Hong Kong Observatory announces that Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above is likely to be hoisted, our clinic will be closed. The booking will be cancelled and rearranged. 


If the above warning signal remain in force at 8 am, our service in the morning session will be suspended. If the above warning signal remain in force at 12 noon, our clinic will be closed on that day. 


We will resume our service if the situation allows, and contact the affected service users as far as possible. Please stay tuned to our updates through our website. 


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