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SEN Ambassador poster


SEN Ambassador 2022


The SEN Ambassadors programme is to promote better diversity and inclusion on campus. The programmes' objectives include:

  1. Strengthen students' understanding and awareness about special educational needs (SEN);

  2. Equip students with knowledge on how to work with people with special needs;

  3. Serve students in need on campus and outreach to serve the community


Sep 2022 – Mar 2023

Training electives 

  • Mental Health First-Aid Certificate Course (12 ILP: Social and Emotional Well-being)
  • Sign Language Experience Course (9 ILP: Civic Education and Leadership Development)
  • Group activity with ASD Teenagers and sharing session (1.5 ILP: Civic Education and Leadership Development)
  • Campus accessibility experience – wheelchair challenge (2 ILP: Physical Fitness and Well-being)
  • Human Library – A Journey to Recovery (2 ILP: Social and Emotional Well-being)

Service electives 

  • iRunners' Club (TWGHs "iRun" - The Hong Kong Jockey Club Special Marathon) (5 ILP: Physical Fitness and Well-being)
  • Music buddies (Link Sound Sinfonia, WBLMP) (6 ILP: Aesthetic Development)
  • Serving young people wtih ASD (Heep Hong Society) (6 ILP: Civic Education and Leadership Development)
  • Serving youth with SEN (YMCA Tin Shui Wai, Tin Ching Centre) (6 ILP: Civic Education and Leadership Development)
  • Serving people in recovery (New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation) (6 ILP: Social and Emotional Well-being)
  • SEN Caring Buddy (2 ILP: Social and Emotional Well-being)


Certificate will be awarded after completion of one of the service projects.

The participants will also be entitled Living Well Ambassador joining the programme. For details, please visit HERE.

Briefing Session

Sep 13 (Tue) | 16:30-17:30 | Zoom | Cantonese 

1 ILP unit in CELD 

Registration Link



Hotline: 2616 8529