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电子商务与供应链管理硕士课程 (MSceBSCM)

校友分享 (只限英文)

Lingu TPG Image ALTMr KOOK, Kaming (MSceBSCM 2020 Graduate)

‘Studying in this program was a worthy and helpful experience. The knowledge acquired from a course named Business Decision Making with Software enlightened me the most. To be specific, this course taught me to optimize profit in many different modes by Microsoft Excel, which integrated different courses I had learnt in business school as an undergraduate. In addition, not only the professors but also the teaching assistants are kind and considerate. They are willing to help me when I have problems in life and during my study. Eventually, I am glad to work in Midea, one of the top 300 biggest company worldwide, and in Servotronix, which is involved in the advanced motion control industry.’

Ms TONG, Xintong (MSceBSCM 2020 Graduate)Lingu TPG Image ALT

‘I was very fortunate to study eBusiness and Supply Chain Management at Lingnan University. All the staff in our programme are very enthusiastic and professional, and are willing to help me solve problems. In my one year journey, I am more determined about my future career and better understand what I am pursuing. Now I am engaged in the smart homes market, and the knowledge of Internet of Things I learned in our programme has come in handy. I am really grateful for the well-structured and practical courses arranged by our programme’

Mr WANG, Yiqi (MSceBSCM 2019 Graduate) Lingu TPG Image ALT

"The reason why I chose the MSceBSCM Programme is that the e-commerce industry has been escalating at
a  rapid pace and is likely to boom in the coming more years. During the one-year study, I learnt the way to
create mobile applications, the linkage between the supply chain management and the financial management,  as well as  the electronic marketing, and the application of data mining. The well-developed courses have given me a comprehensive understanding of supply chain management and e
-business. The programme equips me with the necessary knowledge and practical skills, which significantly improved my employability."

Lingu TPG Image ALTMs WEDEL, Anna Katharina Pauline (MSceBSCM 2018 Graduate)

‘This Programme is a great chance to combine supply chain management with today’s online technological world. It prepares us for the current development in the industry and helps us understand complex supply chain issues.’

Lingu TPG Image ALTMs SIU, Lai-Yi Christina (MSceBSCM 2017 Graduate)

‘I gained a lot of practical experience through internship and by attending professional seminars and company visits. I was also inspired by the lectures.’