CHANG, Kin Ian Monica (曾健欣)

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Fax.: (852) 2467-7478

Academic & Professional Qualifications

PhD, China Studies, University of Hong Kong
MA, History, University of Macau
BA, English Studies, University of Macau

Areas of Interest

Late imperial Chinese history
Ethnic studies
Mass murders and violence
Digital Humanities


  • Articles
  • Book Review
  • Conference Presentation


“Reconstructing Local Communities in Transitional Borderlands: Governance and Social Organization of the Kumar Route, 1900–1940” 在过渡边疆重建当地社区:库玛尔路的管理和社会组织—从1900 年到1940 年 (co-authored with Loretta E. Kim). Arctic Studies 北冰洋研究. [Forthcoming in 2023]


“Materialising the Intangible: Building and Analyzing a Digital Lexicon of Non-Han Names from Records of Northeast China” 「無形から具体へ:中国東北部の記録に於ける非漢民族人名のデジタル辞書の構築と分析」(co-authored with Loretta Kim 金由美, Eric Suen Sen-kit 孫晨傑, Zhou Chengyi 周乘怡, Huo Ran 霍然, and Eugenia Kim 金尚美). Manzokushi kenkyū 満族史研究 (Journal of Manchu and Qing Studies), volume 21 (2022): 1–29.


“Heritage in Translation: ‘A Dagur Story’ as Historical Fiction and Sample Text for Learning Manchu—Part Two” (co-authored with Gary Luk Chi-hung, and Eugene Shun-yung Tam). Saksaha: A Review of Manchu Studies 14 (2016): 45–56.



Book Review:

Review of Chongsu Zhonghua: jindai Zhongguo “Zhonghua minzu” guannian yanjiu 重塑中华:近代中国“中华民族”观念研究 (Reshaping China: A Study of the Concept of the “Chinese Nation” in Modern China), by Huang Xingtao 黄兴涛. Chinese Studies in History 55, no. 4 (2022): 325–26.


Conference Presentation:

“Phoenix from the Ashes: Trauma during the 1911 Revolution and Transformation of Manchus in the Twentieth Century” at the annual conference of the Historical Society for Twentieth-Century China (HSTCC). Aug 2022. Zoom.


“Massacres of the Manchus in 1911: Ethno-racialization of Manchu Identity by Late Qing Revolutionaries” at the AAS 2022 Annual Conference. Mar 2022. Zoom.


Co-presentation with Loretta E. Kim,「無形から具体へ:中国東北部の記録に於ける非漢民族人名のデジタル辞書の構築と分析」 [Materializing the Intangible: Building and Analyzing a Digital Lexicon of Non-Han Names from Records of Northeast China] in 満族史研究会 第36回 [The 36th annual meeting of the Manchu History Society]. Hosted by 満族史研究会 [Manchu History Society] and co-hosted by 早稲田大学中央ユーラシア歴史文化研究所 [Institute for Central Eurasian History and Culture of Waseda University]. Dec 2021. Zoom.


“Cong Duanfang zhi si kan Xinhai Geming de Man Han guanxi” 從端方之死看辛亥革命的滿漢關係 [Looking at the Manchu-Han relations during the 1911 Revolution through the death of Duanfang] in Shoujie Dongbeiya shehui wenhua luntan首届東北亞社會文化論壇 [The First Northeast Asia Social and Cultural Forum] held in Harbin, China. Dec 2019.


A presentation about The Dagur Story at an International Conference held by the Centre for Manchu Studies, Korea University. May 2014.


“Collaborative Colonial Policy Adopted by Sir John Pope Hennessy during his Governorship in Hong Kong in the years of 1877 – 1882” in Spring History Symposium, Department of History, University of Hong Kong. May 2013.