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Project Ultra Violite

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Project Ultra Violite: Rapid Disinfection Service for Sub-divided Units

As COVID-19 infections in Hong Kong are growing, community health has become the focus of public attention. The Project Ultra Violite brings together engineers, medical doctors, social workers, and other professionals to develop mature and reliable ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technology and provide free disinfection services for households with relatively crowded living environments. Funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust’s "COVID-19 Emergency Fund", Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative of Lingnan University, Department of Social Work and Social Administration of the University of Hong Kong,  Caritas Youth and Community Service, and Health In Action jointly organize the "Project Ultra Violite" to provide free and efficient UV disinfection services for one thousand sub-divided units, helping to prevent viruses from spreading in the units and reducing the risks of household infections and community outbreaks. The Project also aims to reduce the anxiety of the residents and help them refocus on taking care of their family and environmental hygiene.



Open-source Projects: Assembling UV-C Disinfection Light and Bluetooth Control for Room Disinfection

The Project Ultra Violite used Ultraviolet-C germicidal light with a wavelength of 253.7nm found in the traditional biological science laboratory as the blueprint. Scientific research shows that UV light can effectively kill 95 percent of viruses, bacteria, and fungi, preventing the spread of pathogens through the air or on the surface of objects. The mobile protection device, portable stand, intelligent sensor, remote control, and the household power supply of the UV-C system have been designed and assembled by LU. It takes 30 minutes to complete the whole house disinfection process. The fullest of the instructional manual of the UV-C light can be accessed here.


The Bluetooth Device


The team has also designed the Bluetooth control module to control the ultraviolet germicidal lights for the Project Ultra-Violite. These Bluetooth-controlled lights were designed to be safe, durable and easy to use. The Bluetooth control module can be used to control any ultraviolet light (or traditional lights as well) but was specifically designed and tested with the Project Ultra-Violite lights. Instructions for building those light units can be found here.

The Team is Setting Up for the Disinfection Services

The UV-C Disinfection Services for the Residents of Sub-divided Units


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