Staff Publications Wall: Shine a Spotlight on LU’s Research Achievements

staff publication wall

Located at the Library 1/F Main Entrance, the Staff Publications Wall displays a selection of the latest scholarly publications by Lingnan researchers alongside key research impact numbers, showcasing Lingnan’s research strength and excellence.

Want to discover the latest research taking place in the University? Come and visit the Staff Publications Wall at the Library’s entrance!

No Time to Visit? Access our Featured Staff Publications Online!

Apart from the Staff Publications Wall, the Library has also created an online exhibit to display new publications of our researchers. The online exhibit is updated monthly, which allows you to keep up with the latest research by our scholars! You may also explore the archive of the featured staff publications in the past 6 months here!

Get Your Publications Featured

The Library welcomes LU Researchers to feature their recent scholarly works (published during the past 6 months) on Staff Publications Wall or online exhibit.

Please contact Research Support Team ([email protected]) for further arrangements.