Head’s Message

Welcome to the website of Department of Philosophy at Lingnan University! Our department houses a vibrant group of philosophers who have diverse areas of expertise, ranging from philosophy of art to philosophy of mathematics, and who share the common goal of delivering excellent research and teaching. In research, our faculty members regularly make high quality scholarly contributions and publish work in leading academic venues. The growing academic reputation of the department has been attracting many philosophers from all over the world to visit and give seminars. In teaching, we offer an undergraduate curriculum that aims at a rich, rigorous, and balanced philosophical education, including especially training of analytical, communication, and writing skills, which are widely regarded as essential for success in the workplace. The postgraduate programs here are also thriving: a number of alumni from our MPhil program have moved on to world class PhD programs, and most students in our PhD program have won prestigious Hong Kong PhD Fellowships.

Personally what I like most about philosophy is that it knows no disciplinary boundary. Philosophical inquiry can be directed to almost any subject matter, and many philosophers draw upon and/or contribute to intellectual advancements in other disciplines. This interdisciplinary aspect of philosophy, characteristic of the best liberal arts traditions that our university aspires to inherit and develop, is amply featured in our department. For example, some work produced here has drawn attention from researchers in a variety of other fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Economics, Education, Film studies, Linguistics, Mathematics, Political Science, Statistics, etc. To convey this liberal and interdisciplinary spirit of philosophy to students is also an important objective of our teaching, in keeping with the university’s dedication to liberal arts education.

The general atmosphere in the department is as socially relaxing as it is intellectually stimulating. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, comments, or suggestions after browsing the website.

Professor ZHANG Jiji