EHMANN, Alexander

PhD Student




Hi there!

My name is Alex. I’m a PhD Student at Lingnan University, HK. In my research, I am investigating interpretations of probabilities as they appear in quantum theories. Currently, I am working on a stochastic version of deBroglie-Bohm Theory (in collaboration with Patrick Dürr, University of Oxford, UK). Other than that, I am concerned with the development of Metrological Structural Realism and interested in a variety of topics such as Philosophy of Technology and Cultural Studies. My work is funded by the Research Grants Council through the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme.

Here’s some stuff you might want to know about me. You can also download a PDF with my CV here.

Research Areas

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

Fields of Interest

  • Philosophy of Physics
  • Philosophical Logic
  • Philosophy of Technology
  • Cultural Studies


Since 2015 PhD Student in Philosophy
Lingnan University
• Prof. Darrell Rowbottom
• Prof. Jiji Zhang
2015 Magister Artium in Philosophy and German Studies
University of Tübingen
• Prof. Dr. Michael Heidelberger
• Dr. Matthias Neuber


2015 to 2018 Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Award
Research Grants Council, Hong Kong
(HKD 750,000)

Work Experience

2007 to 2015 Tutor for Introduction to Logic
Department of Philosophy, University of Tübingen, DE


Since 1999 Chaos Computer Club e.V.
Since 2008 Wissenschaftsphilosophisches Kolloquium
Forum Scientiarum, University of Tübingen (Founding member)
Since 2014 European Philosophy of Science Association
Since 2015 Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft



  • ‘Messung und Invarianz – ein Beitrag zum Metrologischen Strukturenrealismus’, in: Andreas Bartels, Olaf L. Müller, Manfred Stöckler, Marcel Weber (Hrsgg.), Philosophia naturalis, Vol. 50, No. 2, Klostermann, Frankfurt, 2013 [2015], pp. 215-251. (Preprint:
  • ‘Probabilities in deBroglie-Bohm Theory: Towards a Stochastic Alternative’ (with Patrick Duerr, University of Oxford, UK). Under review. (Preprint:


  • ‘Das, was man riecht’, in: Wiglaf Droste & Vincent Klink (Hrsgg.), Häuptling Eigener Herd, Heft 47, Edition Vincent Klink, Stuttgart, June 2011
  • ‘Singularitäten’, in: Wiglaf Droste & Vincent Klink (Hrsgg.), Häuptling Eigener Herd, Heft 49, Edition Vincent Klink, Stuttgart, December 2011
  • ‘Hirnsuppe II’, in: Wiglaf Droste & Vincent Klink (Hrsgg.), Häuptling Eigener Herd, Heft 52, Edition Vincent Klink, Stuttgart, October 2012
  • ‘Chaos und Maschinensprache’, in: Le Monde diplomatique, taz, 08. August 2014
  • ‘Der Chaos Computer Club – Wie alles anfing’, in: Edition Le Monde diplomatique, No. 16, ‘Die Überwacher. Prism, Google, Whistleblower’, taz, 2015 [October 2014; almost identical reprint of ‘Chaos und Maschinensprache’]
  • ‘Software mit Rädern’, in: Le Monde diplomatique, taz, 07. January 2016

Any questions? Please feel free to get in contact:

Address: Alexander Ehmann
Department of Philosophy
Lingnan University
8 Castle Peak Road
Tuen Mun
Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2616-7447