Office Hours for 2nd Term 2023-24 ]

Associate Professor and Head of Department
Prof. SAUCHELLI Andrea [email protected] 2616 7465 HSH213
Prof. ROWBOTTOM Darrell Patrick [email protected] 2616 7461 HSH234
Associate Professors
Prof. CHIU Wai-wai [email protected] 2616 7463 HSH225
Prof. DE CLERCQ Rafael [email protected] 2616 7442 HSH216
Prof. MARSHALL Dan [email protected] 2616 7413 HSH205
Assistant Professors
Prof. BRADLEY Adam Lee [email protected] 2616 7481 HSH217
Prof. CHAN Wing-ching, Elton [email protected] 2616 7464 HSH230
Prof. FANCIULLO James [email protected] 2616 7478 HSH223
Prof. GIBBONS Adam [email protected] 2616 7050 HSH215
Prof. HAWKE Peter Michael [email protected] 2616 7211 HSH211
Research Assistant Professors
Dr. CURTIS-TRUDEL André Emile [email protected] 2616 8608 HSH305
Dr. HILL Jesse Lewis [email protected] 2616 7094 HSH315
Dr. O’BRIEN Gary David [email protected] 2616 7482 HSH207
Prof. PALLIES Daniel Steven [email protected] HSH221
Dr. SALOMON Aaron Michael [email protected] 2616 7369 HSH324
Prof. SONG Fei [email protected] 2616 7849 HSH221
Dr. YEE Adrian Kyle [email protected] 2616 7462 HSH315
Dr. MATTHIAS Andreas [email protected] 2616 7454 HSH207
Assistant Lecturer
Dr. PETTERSSON Mikael [email protected] 2616 7863 HSH324
Part-time Lecturers
Dr. ATKINSON Christopher John [email protected] 2616 7479 HSH219
Dr. KWAN Ho Chuen [email protected] 2616 7431 HSH219
Administrative Officer
Mr. YU Ho Sing, Star [email protected] 2616 7488 HSH201
Assistant Administrative Officer
Mr. HUI Felix Christopher [email protected] 2616 7445 HSH201
Master of Arts in Artificial Intelligence and the Future
Assistant Administrative Officer
Mr. WU Ho Yim [email protected] 2616 7427 HSH201
Research Postgraduate Students
PhD Students
Mr. CĂLINOIU Teodor Tiberiu [email protected] 2616 7447 HSH214
MPhil Students
Mr. SHEN Nanyun [email protected] 2616 7447 HSH214
Mr. SUN Changshuo [email protected] 2616 7447 HSH214


Advisory Board
Department Board
Staff-Student Consultation Committee