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Blending Educational Enthusiasm: Lingnan University Invites the Principal from AD and FD of Pok Oi Hospital Mrs Cheng Yam On School to Share Insights on Educational Management and Teaching Wisdom

On February 17, 2024, Lingnan University, renowned in the Hong Kong higher education community for its emphasis on humanistic values and professional education, hosted a profoundly meaningful seminar on educational psychology. The event was meticulously organized by Professor Yu Baohua Lucy and Ms LEE Fung Yee Jennifer, who specially invited the esteemed Principal Cheng Siu Mei Meicy from the AD and FD of Pok Oi Hospital Mrs Cheng Yam On School, along with lawyer Ms. Holly Siu and the mathematics teacher Mr. Wong Hing Fai to share their teaching experiences. Together, they participated in a collaborative exploration of the path to outstanding education during the sharing session. 


During the insightful exchange, Principal Cheng Siu Mei Meicy conducted a comprehensive analysis of the current education system in Hong Kong, unveiling the challenges and opportunities within the present educational environment. Specifically addressing Lingnan University students about to enter the teaching profession, she provided a detailed interpretation of key considerations for interviews to become Hong Kong teachers. Principal Cheng Siu Mei Meicy further vividly illustrated the current status of primary school teachers in Hong Kong through practical case analyses, emphasizing the importance of educational work and the infinite value derived from immersing oneself in it. She warmly welcomed students to actively contribute to Hong Kong's educational cause, urging them to contribute their wisdom and strength.




Starting from the fundamental question of "how to shape an excellent teacher," Principal Cheng Siu Mei Meicy led a deep discussion among the attendees. She elaborated that an outstanding teacher must possess genuine love, resilience, enthusiastic teaching passion, and a continuous flow of creativity. Only through these qualities can a teacher genuinely care for each student's growth, inspire their minds, and accompany them on their learning journey. In the interactive session, Principal Cheng Siu Mei Meicy invites lawyer Ms. Holly Siu, who once organized a special English course at her school, to share her experience as a teacher with the students. Although Ms. Holly Siu is currently a lawyer, her memories of her teaching experience remain vivid. Ms. Holly Siu encouraged future educators to have the courage to let children explore the world, believing in their learning abilities and adaptability, fostering their growth amidst life and academic challenges. 




Additionally, Principal Cheng Siu Mei Meicy reminded Lingnan University students that, as teachers, it is essential to cherish the uniqueness of each student, fully tap into their hidden potential, and flexibly apply teaching plans in practice. She emphasized the importance of personalized education by combining one's strengths to tailor curriculum content to meet the developmental needs of students. 


As the event approached its conclusion, Professor Yu Baohua Lucy from Lingnan University's Graduate School highly praised and expressed gratitude for the valuable insights shared by Principal Cheng Siu Mei Meicy and the teaching team. Professor Yu highlighted the significance of educators possessing a compassionate heart in imparting both theoretical knowledge and emotional wisdom. She urged all attendees to actively absorb the essence of this sharing session, transforming it into practical teaching behavior, and attempting to impact more students with their professional knowledge through diverse forms, collectively contributing to the prosperity and progress of the education cause.




Through this in-depth exchange of ideas and sharing, students at Lingnan University gained a deeper understanding of the current state of education in Hong Kong, fostering the mutual sharing and integration of high-quality educational philosophies and practical methods. This further solidified the foundation for cooperation between the two parties, collectively envisioning a bright future for education in Hong Kong. 


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