Services Provided

Accounting & Budgeting

  • Maintain proper books of accounts for all activities of the University
  • Prepare the published financial report annually
  • Co-ordinate annual statutory audit
  • Prepare annual Government/UGC returns
  • Formulate financial plan
  • Prepare annual and mid-year budgets
  • Provide financial advice to departments/offices
  • Provide monthly financial reports to departments/offices



Payment, Receipts & Treasury

  • Payments to staff, students and suppliers
  • Fees collection
  • Treasury




  • Pay salaries and benefits to all full-time and part-time staff members
  • Prepare salaries tax returns
  • Make contributions to the MPF scheme
  • Process housing benefits, passage and baggage allowances




  • Compile and consolidate user requirements for all system enhancements/developments
  • Offer automation solutions to users
  • Provide staff training and support on application systems



Business Services

  • Procure goods/services for departmental users
  • Enforce the Purchasing & Tendering Procedures of the University
  • Widen the sources of supply with an eSupplier system
  • Expedite the delivery of goods/services
  • Record goods receipts in the system
  • Keep fixed asset records and perform stock-take
  • Maintain a store for standard stationery and furniture
  • Provide printing services
  • Manage general insurance
  • Courier express services
  • Souvenir sales
  • Disburse petty cash to claimants
  • Serve as cashier to collect income
  • Man the general enquiry hotline