Ransomware Attack Protection

Ransomware attack has been a major information security threat to many business settings. A good and comprehensive data backup infrastructure and strategy is the best solution to protect against ransomware attacks. ITSC always follows the best practice in data backup strategy, good retention policy, multiple backup data locations including off-campus backup site, and carrying out regular ITSC infrastructure business continuity drill exercises.

In the current year, ITSC continuously improved the University’s data protection infrastructure by enhancing the resistance to ransomware attack with the Immutable and Air Gap backup repositories.


Backup Repo

Air Gap Zone:

  • Network and backup software facing
  • Serving the daily backup operation    

Immutable Zone:

  • Isolated from the network and accessed by the Air Gap Zone only to prevent cyberattacks
  • Data protected from accidental deletion or modification before a pre-set time limit by the Time-locker   

Figure 1     The new Immutable and Air Gap Backup Repositories

Supposed that the backup data in the Air Gap Zone is compromised, the Time-locker protection mechanism can ensure the safety of data in the Immutable Zone. With this newly introduced backup technology, the University can safeguard its valuable data assets by minimizing the risk of ransomware attacks.