CIO & University Librarian's Message

The Year 2023 started with a number of exciting news of resuming normal in various aspects of our life after 3 years of suffering from COVID. The Library is also delighted to welcome you back to the campus with a new suite of space, services and facilities to energize you with new ways of using the Library. 
As you read along this Library Matters, you will find that there is a new Library Rooms / Facilities Booking System to help you book and claim library rooms more conveniently, a new Online Payment System to facilitate you to settle library fines and fees online in case you cannot visit us physically, and a new Virtual LU card for Alumni to provide a one-stop application interface for the use of all campus facilities including library services to bring all our alumni closer to the campus.

On space and facilities, the new LU Barn which is furnished with 3D printing and laser cutting/engraving services has been open. Workshops introducing the use of the equipment and our services are now open for registration. The newly renovated space on the 3/F South has also been completed and is open for use in the new academic term. I hope you will enjoy the new study nucleus at the centre, the new specially-designed seating and a number of pocket study carrels. It is only half-complete; the other side is still undergoing construction. In fact, this is a continuation of the library renovation 2020, and is planned to be completed this summer. To commemorate the contribution and support of different parties to the completion of the renovation of Library 1/F and M/F, we have invited our President, Prof. Leonard Cheng and Vice-President Prof. Joshua MOK Ka-ho, and other distinguished guests to join our Grand Opening Ceremony on November 23, 2022. It was a long journey from its start to its full opening of space and internal lift. The renovation of 3/F is equally challenging and compromises have to be made. Your patience with the noise and dirt is much appreciated. I hope that the whole 3/F can be opened for your access before the examination period in May to ease your tension in looking for study space. At the same time, there will be another Computer Room on 1/F for overnight access will be available soon as the Library Office there has been relocated. Please stay tuned.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank your active participation in the Library User Satisfaction Survey in 2022. We received a lot of valuable feedback and comments. As a token of thanks, the Library presented prizes to three winners of the lucky draw on Valentine's Day. Congratulations to them!

In the coming terms, the Library will join with other seven UGC-funded academic libraries to conduct a wider-scale of library survey: LibQual+ Survey. Again, we look forward to hearing your voices, which matter to your continuous improvement.

library survey 2022

Photo: 3 winners received an AirPods 2 and HK$500 Starbucks e-coupons