Windows 11 Upgrade on Library Public PC

With the splendid support from ITSC, most of our public PCs have been upgraded to the latest Windows 11 Operating System. Common applications like Microsoft Office and SPSS were installed on all Public PCs, while licensed software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, NVivo, and specific database clients like Bloomberg, Refinitiv Eikon, and Wind were installed at our dedicated PC in Computer Room 2, which could be accessed by Lingnan staff and students overnight.  Please login to the device by using your Lingnan Account, and do not forget to logout ofter use.

For more details about our Public PC, please visit

Windows 11 PC

In addition, all our Library Public PCs and iMacs were configured to connect to our printers, please refer to the Print, Copy & Scan service page for more guides and details.

Print Copy & Scan, Multifunctional Printers

*15 sets of Windows 10 PCs will still be offered until mid-2024 in this transition period.