Subsite Background


Our Strategic Direction

We aim to ensure that all students understand the salient features of liberal arts education as offered by Lingnan University: it is not defined in terms of subjects or disciplines. It involves an intensive teaching and learning process, an enthusiasm of our students for participating in extra-curricular activities and university affairs, a fully-integrated experience of residential university life and commitment of our students to community services. Our ultimate aim is to improve students’ self-image as achievers, enhance their employability as graduates and instil life-long pride in their association with Lingnan. We hope that Lingnan graduates are all-rounders, confident and well-prepared for the challenges of an ever-changing world.


Our Work

With the above guiding principles, we focus on

  1. identifying and catering for the students' extra-curricular needs
  2. providing an integrated student development programme which encompasses learning skills, social skills, life skills, leadership skills, athletic skills, civic education, health education and career preparation activities 
  3. providing a residential environment on campus which actively promotes the social and intellectual development of students
  4. promoting the active participation of students in university affair through formal representation on committees and working groups
  5. encouraging students to commit themselves in community services

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