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Lingnan Language Enhancement Initiative (L²EI) Buddy Scheme

To facilitate the utilization of MMCF and encourage participation in L²EI programmes or activities, Buddy Scheme@L²EI has been introduced and is now open for registration! All you need to do is to provide us with your information and interests in language learning and register as one of the Language Buddies, then we will:

  • introduce peers with similar interests in language learning to you
  • provide you with programme templates/suggestions to facilitate your application for MMCF
  • refer to you relevant language programmes or activities offered by Hostels, CLEAC and CEAL that suit your language learning interests
  • give you priority in enrolment of L²EI programmes or activities


Registration is open throughout the year. Join us now!


Previous Programmes or Activities with Feedback from Students


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Mr. Bmos Cheng
Tel: 2616-7410
Email: [email protected]      

Ms. Elaine Tsang
Tel: 2616-7406
Email: [email protected]