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Data Access Request

Student and staff members of the University can request to access their personal information. Please complete the “Data Access Request Form” and return it to one of the units below:

Data Relating to

Responsible Unit


Undergraduate Student-related Matter

Registry / (852) 26168750

Students of Lingnan Institute of Further Education (LIFE)

LIFE / (852) 26168274

Postgraduate Student-related Matter

School of Graduate Studies / (852) 26168720

Alumni of Lingnan University

Office of Institutional Advancement and Public Affairs / (852) 26168957

Alumni of LIFE

LIFE / (852) 26168274

Current and former staff

Human Resource Office / (852) 26168962

All other matters

Chief Data Protection Officer / (852) 26168966


For data access request, the data subject is required to pay an application fee of $150 at the Finance Office and to complete a proforma indicating clearly the specific areas of data or documents to which they want to have access. A charge will be levied on the data subject for each request in accordance with the following schedule:

Photocopy of printed documents

$5 per page

Editing and producing the materials of electronic records and other non-printed forms

Actual cost of producing the materials

Editing and producing the materials of audio/video tapes on similar materials

Actual cost of producing the materials