About Warden’s Office (WO)

about warden office

About Warden's Office (WO)

Warden's Office comprises one warden, one senior tutor, and four hostel tutors. The Office manages hostel affairs and is an advisory body for the Student Hostel Association (SHA). Meetings are held between the Office and the SHA whenever necessary to follow up on hostel matters, such as activities and facilities. Residents are welcome to make appointments with the warden and tutors via email.

Staff List

Tutor Name: PostRoom Email:
Prof. QI Suntong, StoneWardenHB1001 suntongqi@ln.edu.hk
Mr. CHAN Wing Fung ChadSenior TutorHB903 chadchan@ln.edu.hk
Dr. Anaduaka Uchechi, ShirleyTutorHB717 uchechishirlanaduaka@ln.hk
Ms. HUNG Choi Man, ChoimanTutorHB617 choimanhung@ln.edu.hk
Mr. Tsui Sai Hang, DonaldTutorHB417 saihangtsui@ln.hk
Mr. Kwok Kin Kwan, EricTutorHB317 kinkwankwok@ln.edu.hk