Library Renovation Updates


The Library renovation includes 3 major components: the building of a mezzanine floor, spatial reorganization of 1/F and installation of an internal lift, all pointing to the transformation of the Library as a learning hub for all. Since the commencement of the construction work in December 2020, there have been a lot of challenges and constraints, causing huge uncertainties. Our vendors are working days and nights now to get them completed as soon as possible. The following is the current state, which is still in flux and subject to daily change.

Half of the site on the Southern side of the Library will be handed over to the Library probably at the end of September or early October. Some time is needed to furnish the new space with furniture and equipment. We will strive to open the new space as soon as it is ready. Currently, it is estimated to be mid-October.

Users can still access the Library from the entrance on 2/F. Some hoardings are still around in some areas. Clear notices will be put up in conspicuous areas to alert you about this. The space on 2/F and 3/F remain open where there is a postgraduate common room, new signage and some study tables and carrels. They were refurbished and uplifted with new carpet, new furniture and new bookshelves in summer to provide you with a comfortable learning environment.

Faculty of Social Sciences

The other parts of the Library will be handed over to the Library in phases. The 24-hour service will be available by then. Once the new space is ready for use, the Library will strive to open up them up as soon as we can.

It is expected that the noisiest work has been completed. Yet, some intermittent noises are still inevitable and every measure will be adopted to minimize the disturbance.

The latest update of the renovation project is on this website: