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Executive Certificate in Project Management, AI & Data Analytics

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This course explores the integration of project management principles with data analytics techniques. Students will learn how to leverage data analytics methodologies to enhance project decision-making, improve outcomes, and drive project success. The course provides a foundational understanding of project management and introduces the essential data analytics concepts, tools and techniques that applicable to project environments.


About the Course

Course Time: 18:30 - 21:30 with 2 breaks

Enrolment: 17 Feb - 31 Mar 2024

Commencement: 2 Apr 2024


Course Schedule

Class Schedule: 2 evening classes per week with 3 hours per class

Total Duration: 8 lectures (3 hours each) with a total of 24 hours


Assessment Methods

Part A: Individual or group case study to assess understanding of PM and Data Analytic techniques (50%).

Part B: Assessment of Multiple choice on Project management (50%).

Completion Requirements: Final score is no less than 50 based on the calculation: (Part A+ Part B) /2 (Out of 100 for each part); And class participation and attendance no less than 70% 


Course Language

English, Cantonese


Mode of Study

Face to face



Lingnan Union Park Centre, 771-775 Nathan Road, Prince Edward, Kowloon


Course Structure

course 2 structure


Course Syllabus



Part (A): PMI Project Management Perspective (18 hrs)


Lecture-1: Project management fundamentals and core concepts (Part 1 & 2)

  • Project life cycles and processes
  • Project management planning
  • Project roles and responsibilities
  • Follow and execute planned strategies or frameworks (e.g., communication, risks, etc.)
  • Problem-solving tools and techniques in project environment


Lecture-2: Project planning, scheduling, resource allocation and estimation

  • Core concepts of project planning
  • Project scheduling techniques
  • Project Resources allocation tools and techniques
  • Project estimation techniques


Lecture-3: Predictive, plan-based methodology

  • Conditions to use a predictive, plan-based approach
  • Create project management plan schedule
  • Document project controls of predictive, plan- based projects


Lecture-4: Agile Frameworks and Methodology (Part 1)

  • Conditions to use an adaptive approach
  • Plan project iterations


Lecture-5: Agile Frameworks and Methodology (Part 2)

  • Document project controls for an adaptive project
  • Explain the components of an adaptive plan
  • Prepare and execute task management steps


Lecture-6: Business Requirement Analysis Framework

  • Business analysis (BA) roles and responsibilities
  • Conduct stakeholder communication
  • Gather requirements
  • Demonstrate an understanding of product roadmaps
  • Determine how project methodologies influence business analysis processes
  • Validate requirements through product delivery


Part (B): 

Lecuture-7,8: Data Analytics Perspective (6 hrs) 

Data Analytics

  • Fundamentals of data analytics and its relevance to project management
  • Basics of data collection, cleaning, and pre-processing
  • Data-Driven project management ICT systems skills, techniques and tools: Data warehousing, storage, data-lake, Hadoop, 
  • Data-Drive project management software analytics skills, techniques and tools: Data mining and machine learning techniques: decision tree, classification & regression, random-forest, dimension reduction & SVM 
  • Implementing data analytics for project quality management
  • Understanding data visualization for project reporting
  • Introduction to project risk management
  • Applying data-driven improvements for decision making and future projects


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Course Calendar

Course Lecturers

Prof. Kelvin WAN, PMI(HK) Master Trainer

Mr. Raymond Leung, PMI(HK) Master Trainer

Prof. Ir. Rosiah Ho, CEng, CPEng, RPEng​ (Lingnan University)

Dr. WANG Qi Vicky​ (Research Assistant Professor​, School of Graduate Studies,​ Lingnan University)

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Course Fee and Application

Course Fee

HK$7,200 or

For all Lingnanians and Supporting Organizations: HK$5,760 (20% discount)’ in the webpages of all programmes


Application Method

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E-mail: [email protected]

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