Teaching Equipment and Learning Resources

Chinese Language Education and Assessment Centre (CLEAC) is equipped with advanced language learning technology facilities and a computer-assisted learning platform to accompany the teaching materials, allowing for personalized design of language learning. Students can control their own learning time by themselves and can refer to their learning outcomes in online reports. In addition to the automatic assessment of online language exercises, the Centre also provides online learning resources to help students master language skills more effectively. In this way, CLEAC expands the study space and spectrum to cultivate students' ability for independent learning and lifelong learning.

Featured Courses

As a result of the university's rising reputation, the University is attracting more non-local students, and the student body has become more international. To address this change in student composition, CLEAC provides Cantonese courses to mainland students whose mother tongue is not Cantonese, as well as courses in Cantonese as a foreign language and Chinese as a second language to international students. We also take a new focus on enhancing students' knowledge and perception of Chinese culture; the course "An Introduction to Chinese Kunqu and Peking Operas Appreciation" was designed and conducted to cultivate the understanding of standard Chinese and classical Chinese, and the appreciation of Chinese theatrical arts.

Putonghua Proficiency Test

Every year, CLEAC conducts the National Putonghua Proficiency Test -- Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi (PSC) for the public. CLEAC also organises the "Chinese Communicative Competency Test" (the oral test is the "Putonghua Proficiency Test" and the written test is the Written Chinese Proficiency Test for the Hong Kong Region") for Lingnan students.

Lingnan Language Enhancement Initiative -- L2EI

Lingnan University encourages interaction and integration between local, mainland and overseas students to create a multicultural, multilingual campus and promote cross-cultural appreciation. Therefore, Lingnan University has launched the "Lingnan Language Enhancement Initiative" (L2EI) to enrich students' language proficiency while cultivating multilingual learning and cross-cultural appreciation. In line with this strategy of the University, the CLEAC actively organises various Chinese courses, lectures, and extracurricular activities to cater for students' individual learning needs. These can also enhance students' learning interests, meet students' learning and cultural exchange needs in the Chinese, and improve students' all-round skills in Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing.



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