Chinese Enrichment Links

Chinese Enrichment Links



As the depth of language learning increases, students want to learn more about language knowledge and linguistic culture after class, and the demand for such knowledge is growing. To meet the needs of students, our centre has selected several language and linguistic websites for students with spare time to refer to and learn from.


This section is named "Chinese Enrichment Links", in response to the rapid development of e-learning resources, the section is open and will upload the latest learning resources promptly; at the same time, it will eliminate websites that are no longer suitable. We aim to provide students with the most updated professional and practical electronic extended learning websites.


The websites in this section come from different sources, with traditional and simplified Chinese characters coexisting and a mix of traditional and modern forms. There are also traditional Chinese character scripts used in mainland China, and in the future, traditional character scripts often used will appear as well. Students are encouraged to refer to, compare, and learn according to their needs.




Link toNational Language Resources

Link toGlobal Chinese Learning

Link to漢字簡繁文本智能轉換系統

Link toKey Concepts in Chinese Thought and


Link to唐詩的閱讀與欣賞



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