Terms of reference

1)     To be responsible for the delivery of the courses the Centre offers, including course planning, teaching, assessment and evaluation.

2)     To be responsible for the quality of teaching and research work of the Centre.

3)     To formulate the Centre’s policies within University guidelines.

4)     To consider staff matters of the Centre.

5)     To set up committees as it thinks necessary to discharge its duties.

6)     To review and monitor the learning and teaching quality assurance mechanisms and processes within the Centre.

7)     To conduct teaching and course evaluation in each term.

8)     To organise seminars or workshops for improvement of teaching methods.

9)     To formulate strategies for self-evaluation of teaching staff based on feedback obtained from external advisers, students, graduates, peers and employers.

10)   To generate proposals to bid for UGC’s Teaching Development Grants.

11)   To deliberate procedures for the award of excellence in teaching.

12)   To review matters concerning examinations and continuous assessments.



Chairperson:    Head of the Centre

Members:         All full-time members of the teaching staff of the Centre

Secretary:         To be appointed by the Head of CLEAC among staff members


Staff-Student Consultation Committee



Terms of reference

1)     To encourage mutual communication between students and teaching staff;

2)     To collect feedback from students regarding teaching, learning and course evaluation and issues of importance for enhancing teaching and learning quality; and

3)     To discuss and make recommendations for helping students to learn more effectively.



Chairperson:    Head of CLEAC or designated

Members:         Course Co-ordinators and/or staff representatives of the Centre and student representatives

Observers:        Any interested students

Secretary:         A staff member of the Centre


Enquiries: 26167701      Email: [email protected]      Address: LBY311, B Y Lam Building, Lingnan University