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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Cultural Studies (BACS)

Programme Overview

With a focus on critical writing, media literacy and cultural innovation, our interdisciplinary programme cultivates caring changemakers for the digital age.

“Culture” refers to the ideas we hold and the common ways of life we share. With this programme, you will be trained to examine a broad range of sociocultural topics in local and cross-cultural contexts. You will become more knowledgeable and aware of the diverse values and lived experiences that shape our everyday life in the contemporary world.

Our flexible programme structure is industry-focused and skill-based. With the support of academic experts from cultural studies, sociology, education, media studies, literature studies, environmental studies, and history, you will learn how to:

  • critically analyse and reflect on the complex interplay between individuals and society 
  • apply current theories to real-life practices through media production workshops, studio-based learning, capstone projects and internships

This programme is ideal if you want to:

  • enhance your competency in research creation, cultural production, and digital storytelling  
  • advocate and contribute to a more open, sustainable and inclusive community
  • pursue a career in non-profit, media, education, cultural or creative sectors

Ready for Diverse Career Pathways

With its dynamic structure and liberal arts background, the programme prepares students for a wide range of careers in the following industries: 

  • cultural events planning and management 
  • creative art and curation 
  • cultural ecology and governance
  • media
  • cultural and social innovation
  • education
  • environment and sustainability
  • cultural exchange
  • government
  • business

Graduate / Student Sharing

Edward Cheung (Class of 2015)

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Tin Shui Wai Community Development Network

“The programme helps me better understand my service users. I am more aware of what is hidden under social norms and grand narratives.”

Stephanie Fung (Class of 2015)

Co-founder and curator, Common Sense HSK and UpCycling Plus

“Cultural studies narrows your focus for a broader vision.”

Chan Ho Kan, David (Class of 2013)

Founder and Director, Phone Made Good Film Limited

“Here I found the freedom and understood what being “creative” and “intellectual” really means. My professors and peers stimulated and pushed me to go further.”

Daisy Chu (Class of 2005)

Founder, foreforehead

“Never conform to stereotypes, blur the lines, search for new possibilities – this is what Cultural Studies has taught me.”